Youngwood, PA, 1927, legendary QB Placekicker, Bears, Colts, Oilers, Raiders


P11. Sports: Four: step one. Best scorer as he retired. dos. Ponce, Puerto Rico, 1937, MLB 1 st baseman, MVP 1967, HoF 1999. step three. Deer Resort, MT, 1945, NBA mentor which have checklist eleven headings. cuatro. Usually the one you desire, London, 1929, most useful Algorithm That rider to not profit the new title. A great. Orlando Cepeda B. Stirling Moss C. George Blanda D. Phil Jackson

Hint: Jesus love their parents’ poetry

P12. Stage/Screen: The Bronx, 1931, Top Actress Oscar as Helen Keller’s professor throughout the Miracle worker, however, the girl most well-known character was in driving Dustin Hoffman crazy as Mrs. Robinson on the Scholar. A good. Anne Bancroft B. Kim Bassinger C. Glenn Personal D. Sandra Bullock Hint: Never barrier me within the.

P1. Art/Culture: Created within the Zaandam, Netherlands, 1838, a good realist painter, a master colorist, a life threatening early affect his cousin-in-laws Vincent van Gogh. Hint: Carry out designers generate labels otherwise the other way around? An excellent. Pieter Frederik van Operating-system B. Willem Maris C. Anton Mauve D. Jozef Israls

Geo: Today in 1948, Margaret Pursue Smith becomes the original woman opted into the U. S. Senate instead basic finishing some other senator’s label. What state is she off? Troublesome idea: A consistent test taker claims one question which have a beneficial Boston otherwise MA alternative, odds are 3 to one within the favor. A good. Massachusetts B. Maine C. Mississippi D. Utah

P3. History: Annona, TX, 1924, earned a Bronze Star in WWII. On November 22, 1963, patrolling his regular beat in south Oak Cliff, a residential area of Dallas, he pulled along side a man who fit the description of a man firing shots at President Kennedy’s motorcade. Name this police officer. A. J. D. Tippit B. Frank Serpico C. Joer Hint: Harrison Tyler

P4. Lang: Litchfield, Straffordshire, 1709, poet, essayist, critic, biographer, and-really transfer ant-lexicographer. From inside the 1755, the guy blogged the first real English dictionary, brand new dictionary of number getting 150 ages through to the OED emerged with each other. Boswell penned their bio. Hint: Hon. James Luson Good. Ben Jonson B. Samuel Johnson C. Jo Hazlitt

5. Literature: Where novel do one find the sight of Dr. T. J. Eckleburg? Hint: Caraway seed products A good. Brand new Scarlet Page B. The fresh Scarlet Pimpernel C. The great Gatsby D. Great Criterion

P6. Music: Camas, WA, 1933, pop singer had their start on Arthur Godfrey; into the 1957 filed Honeycomb: “Better, it’s an awful good life / And it’s really kinda funny lesbian hookup app free / How the Lord generated the latest bee / And bee generated the latest honey …” And, Kisses Sweeter than simply Wine. Sneaky Idea: Perhaps not brand new Blue Yodeler. Good. Eddy Arnold B. Jimmy Rodgers C. Andy Williams D. Johnny Mathis

P7. People: In 1975, a bank robber arrested after a year on the FBI’s Most Wanted List. Grand-daughter of publishing magnate, kidnapped, raped, brainwashed, traumatized by the SLA. Suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, supported kidnappers. Served 22 months. Clinton pardon. A. Tricia Turner B. Estella Murdoch C. Patty Hearst D. Pam Pulitzer Hint: Mark it with a D.

P8. Potluck: Oakland, 1905, the majority of people not able to set a face to your actor Eddie Anderson would have zero troubles acknowledging Jack Benny’s valet. The thing that was their reputation title? Hint: Jane Eyre A good. Roger B. Reginald C. Rochester D. Ronald

nine. Quotes: The united kingdomt, 1888, Archibald Belaney emigrated so you can Canada, turned a great fur trapper, grabbed an Indian title; important conservationist. step one. There are various which walk-through the new trees particularly blind people. dos. Nearest and dearest want to know who you are and watch for an answer. Hint: Oscar Wilde’s portrait novel. A beneficial. Gray Owl B. Black colored Hawk C. Red Cloud D. Black colored Elk